Weca Wang is a high-end custom jewelry brand which will launch in late 2016. In the design period, I first defined and researched WECA’s brand core concepts. He always says that childhood innocence is the motivation for his design path. His biggest pride is the Mischief series of jewelry works. I hope Weca Wang’s brand story can assimilate LOGO and let WECA WANG become a brand with feeling, warmth, story, and soul. I hope in a few years, everyone will start to sing praises for this moment. At first, I found that this series of products had unique angles, and used the angles to start development. If the angles are on two sides, the work is a lot like the Western classical civilization’s most commonly seen string instrument – the lyre. However, Weca believes his image should not be stereotyped a specific image. So, I chose to integrate the special angles with C&G and keep the logo clean to display an elegant air.

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